About us

Vision, Clarity, Quality

There is no substitute for quality. Quality is not only measured by the precision of the printers, but by the ability to exceed a client’s expectations and help them push the boundaries of what they think is possible. Factor 31’s vision is anchored by our desire to satisfy this need of our clients and to collaborate in a way that delights.


Peter Hamilton


Through film and commercials, Peter has developed a unique style and detail oriented approach to production design and prop creation. As part of a management team for the last ten years, he has continually proven his ability to complete projects under budget and exceed expectations.

George Longo


George brings more then a decade of experience in computer based design and visual effects for film and advertising. With clients such as Toyota, Ford, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Warner Brothers; George has a well established history of delivering challenging projects with creative solutions that meet or exceed the clients vision.



Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Harvey greets our visiting clients warmly and makes sure their needs are met. If their needs are to pet or feed a cat.




50% Shift supervisor, 50% Security Officer 50% Alaskan Malamute, 110% DOGE


Some of the incredible companies we have been fortunate enough to work with

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Why choose us?

Projects done on time

Our team is committed to deliver your parts on time, and on budget.


Our communication and partnership with our clients is what sets us apart from other companies. Working with our clients to ensure that we can provide the best solution for any project.

Professional and Responsable

With decades of industry experience, our team of professionals can help deliver the most sensitive projects using a broad array of skills and technology.