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With a combined two decades of industry experience, our team of professionals can help deliver the most challenging projects using a broad array of skills and technology.

Featured services in focus


High Resolution 3D Printing

Leading Edge Technology

Our printers are some of the most advanced in the industry, and are among the highest resolution available. The produced parts have a smooth surface finish, and an incredible level of detail. Most of our parts are produced in a blue plastic that has fantastic dimensional stability and is perfect for testing fit, form and function.

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Molding, Casting and Reproduction

Short Runs and Specialty Materials

Whether you need to create a more durable part, or reproduce a number of them, we offer short-run molding and casting services. Using high quality materials, and equipment, we can capture every detail and ensure that your parts are delivered looking flawless.


Digital Engineering Consulting

Digital Solutions for Complex Projects

Some 3d models may need to be broken up for painting, molding, or cost. Our staff can help engineer your parts to match your particular needs and workflow.

Painting and Finishing Services

Results that Amaze

This is the final step in creating a production quality prototype or reproduction master. Finishing the surface by hand ensures that your parts are ready for flawless reproduction and demonstration. Our team can also match color, appearance, and finish of almost anything you can imagine.